Your bathroom space is designed to suit your style, because that is where you go to refresh yourself. It is a space used everyday and thus has to be very comfortable for you.

With the amount of time you and your family spends in the bathroom, you want it to be a relaxing and comfortable space which you enjoy spending time in.

When deciding what you want your bathroom to look like, what do you consider most between bath and showers?

Are you more of a- let it rain on me- person or you prefer to relax comfortably in a foamy bath with flower petals and a glass of wine or champagne in hand?

Or are you simply a mixed breed?


Basically, having a shower over your bath is like eating your cake and having it. You get to enjoy a long relaxing soak or a quick rinse depending on the mood you are in. Shower baths are thought of as elegant way to organize your bathrooms. Which is why there a prominent in most houses.


Here are some bathroom ideas worth being inspired by!